About Us

Numbers growing steadily and that grace the satisfaction of our Customers have made us a reference in the Market.
From its base in São Paulo, Brazil today the company develops, designs, and manufactures products built on a long tradition of quality workmanship using all the knowledge and experience it has gained during its more than 35 years of existence.
Born in 1995, Weldmatic Automotive is a manufacturer of main sub frames, with more than 15 years of experience in body-shop operation. Weldmatic Automotive Systems offers its customers individual solutions that are tailored to their specific requirements with large experience in the manufacturing of OEM products, higher quality requirements, maximum quality control and logistics, and great experience in just-in-time product process. Today, Weldmatic has production planning through the control of more than 65 suppliers (OEM) in Asia, importation of 450 containers/month, 1,200 employees and net earnings of $450M/year. This experience was the basis for the creation, in 2002, of StockAIG, which walks the same path in manufacturing products according to OEM requirement with the technical and qualitative requirements of the automotive market. StockAIG was the first auto parts company of Brazil. StockAIG started selling only a transmission line, adding a suspension line four years later. Now, the company has more than six lines and still continues to grow, annually increasing its portfolio with high quality products. In 2012, StockAIG started using the SAP (Systems, Applications and Products) system to have more quality control in the logistics process, ensuring the optimization of the time between receipt of invoice and product delivery. Today, StockAIG is in every region of Brazil, with 1.3M total parts sold and net earnings of $30M year. Due to this fantastic growth, StockAIG decided to spread its reach. In 2015, StockAIG opened a distribution warehouse in Miami, FL, USA to exclusively serve the North and Central American markets, proudly offering five lines; Shock Absorber, Strut Assembly, Wheel Hub, Control Arm and CV Axle. StockAIG is always researching and developing, with the latest and most innovative technologies, to bring new and improved products to market. Here at StockAIG we strive to be the premier auto part brand supplier, by offering “High Quality and Big Savings”.